Stacey Hunt


Let's step back in a small town the dynamic sounds of a local country station emit from a radio sitting atop an old yellowed fridge in a simple family home. A little toddler, donning white cowgirl boots, sings and dances with reckless abandon to the latest Reba, Garth and Shania hits. Fast forward a few years, now in big­ girl boots and commanding the stage, meet Stacey Hunt, a Country singer, songwriter, piano and guitar player. Her dynamic vocal and stage presentation will bring you to your feet as she delivers her emotional and always engaging performance. Stacey uniquely captures audiences with her original songs, each one connecting to the human experience in a moving way. She will elevate her audience as they are motivated to let loose to her energetic and fun filled, up tempo numbers. Then she will captivate them with her ballads, inspiring listeners to contemplate emotions that are closest to their hearts. Stacey has blended her love and feel for various musical styles to create a vocal style that is distinctly her own. She began her journey at the tender age of nine, by performing every Sunday in her hometown church, which she continues to do today, honing her skills at every opportunity. She has ample stage experience including concert and television performances. Stacey is an experienced and sought after session vocalist and is the lead singer in her own band. In addition, Stacey has developed a reputation as a standout vocal and piano coach. After Stacey graduated with a degree in Sociology from Wilfrid Laurier University, her passion and appetite to carve a place for herself as a performer in the music industry became her focus. Stacey's motto is "have no regrets and find your happy every day". She embodies this by living out her musical aspirations with the utmost zest and artistry. She is an old soul with a fresh and energetic outlook. This multi­talented gal is going all the way!