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Upcoming 2019 Appearances for Stacey:


August 10th: 6pm Wedding, Hamilton, ON

August 16th: 7:30-10:30pm, Oast House, NOTL, 

August 18th: 3-7pm, Honsberger Estate, Jordan

August 22nd: 8:30pm-12:30, Doc Magiligans, NF

August 23rd: 9pm-12, SouthCoast Cookhouse, Fort Erie

August 24th: 5-8pm, Cats Kitchen, NF

August 25th: 12-4pm, Honsberger Estate, Jordan

August 25th: 5-8pm, Chip and Charlies, NF

August 28th: 9-11pm, Garrison House, NOTL

August 29th: 7-10pm, Ravine, NOTL

August 31st: 7-11pm, Johnny Roccos, NF


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